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okay......soooooo let me tell you people that i love books.....i love all kinds of FICTION books.....nonfiction and philosophy??....uh huh....not my cup of tea......sooo i am here to help you guys to get the overview of a book so you can decide if you want to read the book or not :D and remember i will never let the cat out of the bag .....the book's ending if it is not much obvious then will be kept hidden on my side
Some Girls Bite - Chloe Neill
"I have a list of favourite series and this one has easily pushed its way on there with Darkfever, Bittenand Magic Bites.

What I really enjoy about this series:

Merit does not choose to be a vampire but she lives with the changes made in her life and adjusts with as much dignity as she can.

She deals intelligently and confidently at all times. She does not stupidly talk out of her ass. *cough* Rose, Vampire Academy*cough*

It's actually quite refreshing to read a character so mature and who holds herself up with dignity.

I enjoy Ethan's character because his relationship with Merit is not joyfully accepted by all of those around her. He's a 400 year old vampire and not prone to easily accept emotions and humanity. Merit constantly questions whether he is a good part of her life and how her relationship with him has changed her and whether she wants to change. This kind of self reflection - was an absolute delight for me when compared to other books where the heroine's thought processes were, "OMG! He's so hawt! We arez ment to be 2gether 4EVA! SCEWZ everyone else!" *Cough* Bella Twilight *Cough* Luce Fallen *cough* Nora Hush, Hush *Cough*

The political manuevering between the supernaturals, humans, ombudsman etc is interesting to me and it actually is thoughtfully executed. The last two books had endings that I hadn't predicted and a mystery that I didn't actually manage to figure out ahead of time which was VERY much appreciated!

Ethan is an ass - but Merit gives back as good as she takes and even though they're supposed to be in a Master/Servant relationship but they quickly end up as equal partners. Her ideas are respected and - novelty, she actually makes intelligent choices! *cough* mostly *cough*

There were strong, positive female relationships in this book. It's nice to have a character who can be surrounded by other hot, confident women without issue.

So, overall, these books were fantastic for me. I've spent three almost sleepless nights reading the books because I simply couldn't put them down until finished. For me, that's the mark of a great book!

PS. Oh, and did I mention the sexiness? Oh the sexiness!

Okay, now that I'm done - back to dancing!